Coherent water

No matter whether you follow Hippokrates, Paracelsus, or Hildegard von Bingen: Drinking large amounts of water has always been a key recommendation of any good doctor. This has not changed until this day. 
But bear in mind that not all waters are the same. It can have extremely different amounts of minerals, but especially the structure, i.e. the arrangement of its molecules, may vary tremendously.
Modern science has demonstrated that high quality water – such as water from a mountain source – always has a hexagonal structure. 

This hexagonal structure is also called coherent, i.e. it vibrates in unison.
Coherent (body) water has some astonishing tasks and properties in our body and in our biological cells.

According to scientific research, water is mainly responsible for our heart’s ability to pump blood (consisting of 50% water) through our body. Molecules of coherent water can move without colliding with each other. Even the lowest frequencies can be transmitted through our body without any obstruction.

Coherent water also protects the body cells against radiation, viruses, and bacteria.  It uses 13% of its electrons as an independent electron shield to form a static field (like a Faraday cage). This field provides natural protection for our body cells. 

Thanks to our products, you are now able to restore the original hexagonal structure of your water. You will taste and feel the difference.