“Clean” electricity thanks to CHI-MainsPlug

In the 1990s, the US researchers Prof. B. Amstrong and Dr. S. Milham had established the term “Dirty Power”. While investigating buildings, they had noticed a significant correlation between the frequent appearance of transients and unusual increases in certain diseases (especially cancer clusters).

Transients are voltage peaks occurring for microsecond periods which may also be described as small, rapid perturbation potentials. They typically occur in the transitional phase when changes or errors occur in the mains supply network, forcing the complete network to re-tune.

Increase in perturbation potentials in supply networks (transients)

Today, the connection of high-frequency, scattered radiation (mobile phones, wireless local area networks, digital radio, etc.) to the mains supply is considered as main cause for the strong increase in “dirty electricity”. 

Furthermore, energy saving lamps, transformers, dimmers, and power switching stations for solar/AC power are also suspected to generate considerable amounts of transients.

While these “perturbations” are not consciously noticed by people, they are still perceived by the nervous system, and they impact both the cell communication and the cell/membrane voltage. Transients produce a subtle electric stress. Permanent stress over many years can lead to muscle tensions or even serious diseases – depending on how sensitive or resistive an individual person is. Many babies, toddlers, and elder people show natural over-stimulation symptoms (nervous unrest, hyper-sensitivity, indigestion, etc.). Some animals develop an escape reaction.

Regain clean electricity thanks to CHI-MainsPlug

The technology used for our CHI-MainsPlug is able to neutralize these transients so that clean electricity is regained for the power supply networks. This means that electric devices cause less perturbations, stereo devices sound more transparent, video screens have a better resolution, and electrostatic charges are minimized. Many people have reported a drastic improvement of their well-being. 

“I have been using the plug in my osteopathic practice for 4 weeks now, and we have lots of babies as patients. These babies are now much calmer and more relaxed. The grown-ups have also benefited from our new room atmosphere.U. Zieglowski

„…I am less stressed when under time pressure, and this effect is positive not just for me. My cats are behaving much calmer, too. It looks like the Chi-MainsPlug is good for them, too.” H. Kokoschka