How it works

When developing our CHI-Mobil, we always had in mind that high-frequency mobile phone radiation and wireless LAN today are almost ubiquitous. Like a rapid-fire gun, this radiation sends out individual data packages with an unbelievably high frequency.

From an evolutional point of view, our body is not used to this type of strain which is therefore perceived as stress or even alienation of our highly complex regulation processes. The natural, coherent co-vibration of all body functions is thus put at risk. The “mood” easily turns irritated, hyped – just as if all instruments of an orchestra are no longer tuned to the same standard pitch.

The CHI-Mobil now permanently sends out soft pulses which are able to restore the coherent structure of hydrogen protons in the air surrounding us. Many CHI-Mobil users therefore feel like they are living within a calm, harmonic sphere – even when sitting in a train compartment where people are busy using their laptops.

These coherent pulses are even absorbed by our body and they can develop astonishing effects since only (hexagonal) body water can ensure an ideal cell metabolism. The evacuation of toxic substances and the oxygen supply are optimized.  

It is therefore no surprise that even extended trips by car are not tedious when using CHI-Mobil, or that children are able to learn better if they carry a CHI-Mobil in their school bag. 

Mobile telephony and rouleaux formation effect

When under the influence of electromagnetic fields, red blood cells tend to clot and form cylinder-shaped groups (which resemble a stack of coins, which is why this effect is called “Geldmünzeneffekt” in German). This effect (internationally referred to as rouleaux formation) has been discovered in the late 1990s by the German medical specialist Dr. Hans-Joachim Petersohn. When using mobile phones or smartphones, this effect can be detected within just a few minutes usage.

The consequences of this effect are yet to be determined – they may include an increased risk of thrombosis and an inadequate transport of oxygen due to the reduced effective surface of blood cells.


With CHI-Mobile: No Geldmünzeneffekt

In August 2006, a commission of the German Robert Koch Institute had published a critical statement in the Federal German “Bundesgesundheitsblatt” covering the topic of rouleaux formation effect under the headline “Methods and Quality Assurance in Environmental Medicine”.

The commission’s conclusion was: “Overall, the determination of reticulocytes and/or rouleaux formation effect as a biological marker for radiation exposure caused by mobile telephony is unsuited due to the high intra- and inter-individual variability.” After that, the topic vanished from public discussions.

Legal notice

The efficiency of many bioenergetic and quantum physics methods and technologies is still considered unproven according to scholastic knowledge. The same applies for CHI-Mobil. See legal notes