Test results

The philosophy of quantum physics does not know any stable status in nature. Everything is in permanent motion and in interaction with the environment, and even with unknown dimensions (see 12-dimensional world philosophy/Burkart Heim).

Therefore, we can only describe an effective corridor within which certain results are likely to happen. Based on our manifold experience, we believe that we can recognize a clear tendency for the extremely positive effect of the CHI MainsPlug on our bio-energetic vitality. 

Biogram with and without using our CHI MainsPlug

The effects of our Chi MainsPlug are clearly visible in the so-called etheric area. In quantum physics, this range includes the 5th and 6th dimension (bio-energetic structure-room).

The biograms (below) depict measurements taken with a Mora System (Super+RM-10S).

The chakra values are shown above. The root chakra on the left, the crown chakra on the right. Chakra are nodes of psychic energy in our body which absorb cosmic energy and distribute it in our body via energy channels (meridians).