How many plugs do I need?

We continue to receive many questions concerning the ideal number of devices and the ideal position(s) for our CHI MainsPlugs – especially in large rooms or buildings. Based on our long-term experience and observations, we would now like to share some of our best practices.

How many CHI MainsPlugs are required for an ideal harmonization?

The effective radius of our CHI MainsPlug covers at least 110 sqm living space/power consumption.

General rule: in case there are two or more power circuits (i.e. several main fuses), it is necessary to use an additional CHI MainsPlug in any outlet of the respective power circuit.

2 CHI MainsPlugs are also recommended for single family houses/apartments that cover
2-3 floors
. Should be placed in a central position of the ground floor and first floor.

2 CHI MainsPlugs are also recommended for single floor premises with more than 110 sqm – 250 sqm. One device should be placed in a central position of the room. The second device should be placed next to the wireless LAN/repeater.

For single floor premises from 250 to 400 sqm floor space/power consumption such as e.g. discotheques, open plan offices, nurseries, outlets, restaurants, event locations, villas, wellness facilities etc. we recommend installing 4 CHI MainsPlugs. They will have optimum efficiency if they are placed in the four corners of the room/building, or if they are positioned with maximum distance to each other. 

Please contact us for configurations involving larger premises.