Questions and Answer related to our CHI MainsPlug

Is it really safe to use this plug?
Yes, the CHI MainsPlug is CE certified and it is 100% safe.

Can I unplug the device in the morning and take it with me e.g. to my office?
This is not recommended as the CHI MainsPlug always takes some kind of “adaptation period”. The device itself will of course not be damaged by unplugging and re-plugging it. You could therefore take it with you to your holiday home.

Can I use a multiple socket outlet?
This is not recommended, but it is basically possible provided that the multiple socket outlet has 24h permanent power supply.

Can I use the device in my bedroom? Yes, but please make sure it is positioned with approx. 2m distance to your bed.

Can the CHI MainsPlug be used in combination with a demand switch?
Yes, even when disconnected, there will be a minimum current flow – this is sufficient.

How effective is the device when used in a house with several apartments? Is this going to impact its efficiency?
The efficiency of the device will not be impacted, but it may take a little longer for the CHI MainsPlug to develop its full efficiency (approx. 14 days), as the effects of neighboring devices – in particular wireless repeaters – are considerably higher.

Does the device provide protection against earth rays, water veins, etc.?
People exercising water divining have confirmed this to us. You are still recommended to be attentive – especially when selecting a position for your bed. 

Are there any side effects?
In rare cases, people with heavy muscle tensions may incur short-time stress relaxation and detox symptoms, such as minor vertigo or headache. It should be helpful to drink large quantities of good water and to have outdoor exercise.