CHI power plug

Reduction of electronic stress – more relaxed living atmosphere

An increasing number of people have the impression that the tangle of artificial electromagnetic fields they are currently subjected to does not do them any good. Fitful sleep, nettled communication, lack of concentration, or a diffuse inability to come to rest could well be the results. However, it does not have to be that way!

Our CHI-MainsPlug is an established and proven solution – used by more than 10,000 customers ever since the device has been introduced in 2010.

Many users already notice an obvious improvement of the atmosphere after just a few days, and quite a few have finally managed to sleep well again.

Enhanced well-being in your home

The CHI-MainsPlug energizes rooms and harmonizes low and high frequency interference fields.  One device is usually sufficient to cover the entire apartment or single family house – it should be placed in a central position.
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CHI power plug



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Innovative development

The CHI-MainsPlug is an innovative development which is based on the findings of the quantum field theory and scalar wave research. 

There is a ceramic carrier field with quantum physics effects located inside the device. The working principle is based on “coherent spin alignment”.
(see Working Principle)

The CHI-MainsPlug is optimized for additional frequency patterns for the biological balancing and resonant defense of 5G radiation.
It does not require any power consumption, it is safe, and it comes with a proper CE label.


Customer reports

“Excellent product, has even been tested kinesiologically…” Dr. D:Klinghardt

“Without any exceptions, we have found that for all 25 persons previously tested positive before, we have no longer noticed any strain caused by electric smog or geopathic disturbances. Therefore, we can confirm the efficiency of the CHI-MainsPlug.” MORA-Institute for Electro-Acupuncture, Barcelona

“In my naturopathic practice I notice that more and more people suffer from electro-sensibility, with symptoms such as sleep disorder, uneasiness, psychic lability, exhaustion, headache, etc. After using the CHI MainsPlug at home or at work for several weeks, tests with my patients have showed a clear reduction of electric stress, and subjectively my patients reported an improvement of their above symptoms.”  Anke Dockendorf, Hamburg

I thought all of this was just a joke. Turns out people are really dumb enough to fall for this scam. I guess this is a case of Naturell selection. Im just speechless. I think i will scam some people too cause you guys really do a good job at making it look simple. Moritz


“Now that I have had the CHI MainsPlug in my apartment for about a month, my troubles have improved by approx. 80%. I have no idea how this thing works, but at the end of the day it is the result that counts.
Guido B., Berlin


“I want to tell you that the CHI-Plug I have in my office is working excellent!! The enviroment inside my office is very different now !!! Thank you very much.”  Brenda Fernandez, ONZA MEXICANA, S.A.

“After a few days, the atmosphere in all my rooms was noticeably more relaxed, everything seems brighter and clearer.”
D. Schafranek, Glass Artist

Lo compré con escepticismo. Desde que lo conecté a una toma de corriente, hace 4 meses, el ambiente de mi casa se nota más “limpio”, menos denso. Y no es sugestión dado que las visitas lo notan y me lo comentan. Me lo llevo hasta de viaje a hoteles. Armoniza la contaminación electromagnética de baja frecuencia invisible (fruto del cableado de paredes y de los electrodomésticos). Aunque si uno desea protegerse de la contaminación de alta frecuencia (5G, señales de TV y radio Digital, antenas de telefonía móvil , antenas de móvil etc) se deben adoptar otras medidas más radicales. Ernando C.

Interesting side effect
The CHI MainsPlug has shown some astonishing effects on the sound characteristics of stereo systems and on the resolution quality of screens:

“… always the same result again and again: more clarity, purification, subtlety, more room, more color images and details in the sound characteristics.”     Marcus Beckmann, Schallwand Company, Viersen, Germany

I tested it right away and already after a short time, the sound of my stereo system was dramatically better than before. Thanks a lot for that.” Rainer Gottstein, Hamburg

Legal note

The efficiency of many bioenergetic and quantum physics methods and technologies is still considered unproven according to scholastic knowledge. The same applies for our CHI MainsPlug.  It is neither a medical product nor a remedy, but a technical application.

The CHI MainsPlug has been registered according to the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) WEEE under the registration number DE85157500.