CHI Mobile

Protection against e-smog in cars, when travelling, when shopping, …

Many customers have motivated us to develop CHI-Mobil – as an offspring of our “CHI MainsPlug”-  based on our expertise and using utmost accuracy.

Ideal for use when travelling, at school, or during public events.

CHI Mobil noticeably reduces the effects of the multitude of artificial electromagnetic fields surrounding us today (mobile phones, WiFi, GPS, etc.).

Practical and robust

You can carry our CHI-Mobil in your pocket or in your wallet, you can place it in the dashboard tray or simply use the provided fabric bag to attach it to the back of a chair. 

Our CHI-Mobil permanently creates a protective shield with a spherical diameter of about 4 yards, thus providing fresh vital energy for our body (bio photons/Chi). Optimized using additional frequency patterns for biological balancing of 5G radiation. (see protection against 5G)

Innovative technology – maintenance-free

CHI-Mobil operates according to quantum physics principles, without power supply or battery, and it is maintenance-free. A ceramic carrier has been built into the housing. This carrier has been treated quantum mechanically so that it harmonizes the effect of the electromagnetic fields. It permanently accumulates zero-point energy from the quantum field (vacuum energy) and modulates them by means of special frequency patterns to become a smoothly pulsating field. Extremely sensible and electro-sensible people will be able to feel this effect.
In case of indisposition, you can simply place your CHI-Mobil on your solar plexus.

We offer a 5-year functional warranty for our CHI-Mobil (see Terms and Conditions) and we deliver against open invoice – same as for all our products – with 14 days deadline for return without giving reasons.




Includes 19% VAT


Customer reports

“Excellent service, excellent products. Let me first tell you that over the past 10 years I have purchased and tried devices based on quantum physical principles from various manufacturers – from the US, UK, Germany, etc. All of them were OK, but none had a comparable harmonizing effect as this CHI product has.
Daniel G., Romania

“As an electro-sensible person, I unfortunately have to work in an environment with active 5G. I frequently suffered from nose bleeding, headaches, and chronical fatigue. Thanks to you, I no longer have to suffer from 5G radiation!”
Daniela S., Germany

Right now, I am placing my water vessels next to the Chi-Mobil device. For me, this feels like I would really be drinking water for the first time in my life, unbelievable. If this was supposed to be a placebo effect, who knows what else I would be able to do if I would just imagine it:-) Markus G., Vienna (Austria)

Ever since I attached my CHI-Mobil in my car, I am feeling much better when driving. I travel a lot and I used to get headaches after one hour, feeling uneasy and nervous. Recently I took a 7-hour drive and it felt like I had a different car. Carlos P. Spain

Legal notice

The efficiency of many bioenergetic and quantum physics methods and technologies is still considered unproven according to scholastic knowledge. The same applies for CHI-Mobil. See legal notes