CHI Technology

Chi energy products are entirely manufactured in Germany. They do not require any maintenance activities and their efficiency will only be terminated in case of serious damage.  

Their development and manufacturing are based on astrophysics, biophysics and quantum physics as well as empirical science findings.

A mysterious, universal force

A few decades ago, astrophysicists came across an incredible finding:  approx. 70% of our universe consists of energy that really has nothing to do with standard physical theories.

This is a natural force penetrating everything, beyond Strong Force, Weak Force, electromagnetic force, or gravitational force.

Our conventional measuring instruments are unable to detect this force as it is well outside the electromagnetic spectrum. That means this force cannot be proven “scientifically”, but we can recognize it from its effects – and it obviously corresponds to what is referred to as cosmic energy, Prana or CHI in ancient traditions. Modern physics tends to refer to it as Orgon, zero-point energy, vacuum energy, or even free energy.

CHI Energy Products – combining ancient and latest knowledge

We use this energy, which today is no longer quite as mysterious as it used to be, to develop and manufacture our CHI Energy Products – as this energy can also be technically compacted and activated (energizing) and certain frequency patterns (information) can be added in the form of subtle scalar waves. They are selected in tune with the spiritual world, tested according to radiesthesia, and permanently added to the production materials.